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i-EM SAT exploits satellite data to bring the intelligence in the Energy Management, providing innovative solutions based on advanced analytics by satellite data awareness, created to optimize energy generation, storage, transmission and use.

This Company was born from i-EM, an Italian energy management company, and it combines multi-disciplinary expertise with passion for technology, innovation and preservation of the Earth’s energy resources.

i-EM SAT develops energy management solutions for renewable energy projects, offering softwares that exploit satellite data and sensors data, fusing them in an advanced analytics innovative process.

Public and private energy players require expertise in innovation, systems reliability and risk minimization in many areas, as:

  • distributed generation from renewable sources
  • smartgrid and energy storage systems
  • energy efficiency solutions
  • control and optimization of energy consumption
  • electric vehicles and sustainable mobility

i-EM SAT Ltd. is based in the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire and it is a member of the Harwell EnergyTec Cluster.


Using satellite and other data sources to improve the management and predictability of energy assets for all key stakeholders.


To enable all players in the market to make the optimal decisions by providing real-time data and assessments about all key elements of the energy grid.


i-EM SAT transforms data into intelligent actions

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Management of distributed generation from renewable sources

Smart grids and energy storage systems

Predictive Maintenance exploiting Big Data Analytics

Control and optimization of energy production and consumption

Synergistic approach between data scientists and domain operators