Energy decision-making through satellite data-knowledge

Satellite-based solutions for the international market


Get the real value
of satellite data

Our solutions exploit satellite data and other plant information to offer a fast and human-centric Support Decision System in the energy field. Discover our services and find the one that answers your needs.

Satellite-based Plant Construction Monitoring

Monitor the construction phases of a new plant

Smart Monitoring

Analyse and use the real value of PV plant data

Predictive Maintenance

Control the plants status and predict possible failures before they occur

Power Forecast

Get precise information from 1 hour ahead up to 15 days ahead

Sensor Check

Get accurate solar radiation measurement

Drone Data Management

Get accurate information about PV plant construction and thermal problems

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Use satellite and other data sources to improve the management and the predictability of energy assets for all key stakeholders.


Enable all players in the market to make the optimal decisions by providing real-time data and assessments about the elements of the energy grid.

Renewables advanced analytics

i-EM SAT was born from i-EM, an Italian energy management company. The Company provides cutting-edge business solutions for energy management, offering the optimal Decision Support System in the complex energy ecosystem.

Renewable plants for

of total installed power in


Our Predictive Maintenance
raises revenue up to



Our Predictive Maintenance predicts


of system failures before they occur

Our Forecasting service varies by less than


from the real data

(2,5 – 4% NMAE -Normalized Mean Absolute Error)

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Demo on wind and PV forecasting

Watch our demonstration on how to deliver the optimum output from wind and PV forecasting

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